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Make Your Own Tablatures

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Make Your Own Guitar Tabs

I have a couple of files here which you can copy and use to make the process of constructing guitar tablatures a little easier. There's a file here for internet-style tabs as well as "regular" looking tabs.

At the bottom of the page I have a description and link for a freeware program that makes creating internet-style (ASCII) tabs much easier.

If you don't know what guitar tablatures are, go to the Learn to Read Tabs page to find out.

Regular tabs

If you want to be able to jot down guitar ideas at home, you can make your own blank tablature sheets by copying the image at the following link:

Blank TAB sheet

You can right-click the link and choose Save Target As or click on the link to go to see the image, then right-click the image choosing Save Picture As. Once it's on your computer, you can print up as many copies as you want.

Use it to print up as many copies of blank tablature sheets as you need for hand-writing your ideas and songs. Or, you can import the image to any good graphics program and make professional-looking tab sheets by adding in the numbers and other symbols.

Internet-style tabs

These days, the internet is full of sites which offer free tabs submitted by guitar players like you and me. See the Links page for a list of sites that have free tabs.

If you figure out a song and want to upload it so other people can learn from it (or maye help to correct it), you need to have it in the right format. It needs to be in a text file (with the extension ".txt") and in a certain format.

I have laid out this format in a text file for you to copy. It already has the accepted disclaimer at the top and the explanatory information also. Just fill in the blanks and fill in the tablature itself and you're ready to upload it to the net. Instructions on how to do the actual uploading can be found at the sites that have free tabs. Again, check out the Links page for a listing of these sites.

Clicking the following link should download the file to your computer. If not, try right-clicking and choosing "Save Target As" to download the file. If it takes you to the file, you could Copy and Paste it into any text editor.

Internet-style blank TAB

Freeware ASCII Tab Maker

Here's the description taken from the ReadMe file in Instab Version 1.0 (freeware):

Instab is a program for creating ASCII tablature files like those used on the internet. It's goal is to simplify the process of creating these files, in the hopes that more people will post the songs they've transcribed.
Instructions for using the program can be found at:

I've found this program to be a great help in making ASCII Tabs. You don't have to fumble with all those dashes anymore! The price is definitely right. So, check it out.

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