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Guitar Charts

Guitar Charts is the FREE place to learn guitar. Full of diagrams (moveable and static) to help you visualize the fretboard layout. Unique Javascript tools make it easy to find the chords or scales you're looking for, and to create your own charts or diagrams (by note names or interval numbers)! With lessons on ear training, improv, tablature (tab), music basics, practice, tuning, chord formulas, and more, you'll find plenty of information to make learning the guitar easier.

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Javascript tools

Using Javascript, I was able to create unique tools for guitar players. You can find the formula for all common chords or scales either by note name or by interval, and also see the configuration of that formula on the guitar.

You can have a load of chords all displayed in one window without having to change pages or scroll up and down. I have a version for advanced chords (displayed in interval format), and one for basic chords (displayed by note names).

There is also a couple of tools for creating your own charts or diagrams. One will show the actual notes and frets as they exist on the guitar, and the other shows everything by intervals.

And more...

I made a preformatted internet-style TAB page. Those of you interested in creating your own TABs to upload to the net will find this helpful, all you have to do is copy the text file and add the numbers.

If you want to make your own hand-written TABs at home, you can copy a blank TAB sheet and print up your own instead of buying manuscript paper.

Plus lessons and tutorials

The Importance of ALWAYS Being in Tune
It may sound silly, but it's the most important thing you can easily do to make yourself sound good.
Ear Training
Music is all about sound. Training your ear will lead you to a whole new world of musical experience. Imagine being able to recognize what's happening in a song you're hearing over the radio for the first time!
Chord and Scale Formulas
This one is technically not a lesson. Here you'll find a listing of all the most commonly used chord and scale formulas, and how to make use of them.
How to Practice
If you think practising is over-rated, guess again! Your competition is serious about this and you need to be, too.
Learning to ad lib as you go is a whole lot of fun. Imagine yourself being able to play out those ideas you come up with in your head, and do it right on the spot!
Learn to Read Guitar Tablature
If you think reading music is too much work, you're in luck. Guitar tablature is a guitarist's dream come true. It's real easy to learn and there's loads of free tabs on the internet just waiting for you to copy and learn.
The Basics of Music for Blues and Rock
A primer on music as it relates to Rock and Blues.
Understanding the Numbering System
If you don't understand why we diagram chords and scales by numbers in addition to note names, read this quick primer.
The Guitar and Its Parts
For those of you that need a quick reference to the identify the various parts of the guitar.

No charge

You are free to copy any of the charts or diagrams on this site for your personal use. The Javascript tools are also provided free of charge for personal use and study.

No kidding!

These pages contain stuff I wish I had back when I was learning the guitar. I spent several good years of my time grappling with kryptic lesson books. I know from personal experience what would've been helpful to have, and the tools on this website were created from this knowledge.

If you want to learn guitar, you're in a good place.

Do you need anything?

If you can think of any other guitar-related tools that you would find helpful, let me know and I'll try to create them for you. Email me.

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